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The Last Exorcism Movie

The Last Exorcism Movie tells the creepy and scary story of a possessed girl and the events that occur upon the arrival of an exorcist. The films made on supernatural occurrences have been in trend for some time and the Hollywood already have had its fair amount of horror movies dealing with exorcism as well. However this will not be your everyday horror movie experience because this movie has very disturbingly and unbelievably captured the freakish elements that are associated with acts of supernatural that are capable of making the audience get goose bumps out of fear.

The Last Exorcism follows the story of Reverend Cotton Marcus an exorcist on his last exorcism. He had not been a very clean character regarding his work because he earned some dirty money by philandering some of the desperate believers in past. In order to clear his mind and feel less guilty he and his crew prepare themselves for a documentary that will be marked as the last exorcism performed by the Reverend Cotton Marcus. It is for this purpose that the crew arrives at the farm of Louis Sweetzer in Louisiana.

There the expectation of Reverend Cotton is another typical exorcism which this time brings a little bit of stardom as well. However there seem to be something bit strange in the story that Louis Sweetzer has to tell. He comes up with the fact it is his daughter Nell that needs to be exorcised. Sweetzer goes on to say that she had not been her usual self after his her mother's death and Nell is behaving in the most unimaginable ways. All appear to be typical in a case which appears to be normal but when Reverend Marcus is made to talk with Nell he realizes this is unlike any previous case.

As Nell's possession takes place in a manner of frenzy all are finding themselves in an unexpected situation. In this occasion Reverend Marcus also finds himself in a situation to which he was barely prepared. As everything starts to get out of control Reverend Marcus is funding his beliefs threatened and challenged by the incidents happening in front of his eyes. And it becomes obvious that he is the only one who can deal with this situation and save Nell and they themselves from the impeding danger.

Directed by Daniel Stamm the movie has Patrick Fabian, Ashley Bell, Iris Bahr and Louis Herthum in the leading roles. Fabian gives a fantastic performance as Reverend Marcus and his portrayal makes this movie a worthwhile investment of time and money. But perhaps the most commendable acting is done by Bell who with brilliance and ardor gives life to the challenging role of Nell the possessed girl. The choice of the cast have made the entire movie experience to be a one to remember and as the crew appear in each and every scene it seems that the performances are coming out with natural ness and originality.

The Last Exorcism Movie will be the ideal creep filled scary drama that will keep the horror level of the audience at its peak when the movie hits the theatres on 27th August. Find yourself taken to the world of supernatural where an act of exorcism take place in front of your eyes probably giving you the fright of your life.
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